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Brooklyn Labs is a global think tank headquartered in Brooklyn offering mobile app development services for Apple iOS and Android as well as any other type of mobile platform. We are a new breed of entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming ideas into sustainable business models.

At Brooklyn Labs, we work with the best in the industry from Silicon Valley VC-backed startups to Fortune 100 companies. We actively define the industry through our work, specialized events, and social media channels. Like an analyst, we stay on top of all the latest technology trends and buzz from Augmented Reality to Near-Field Communications (NFC) and beyond.




Our Experience




Daniel Kaufman founded Brooklyn Labs in 2012 as a mobile application development firm and has created hundreds of apps serving a wide range of interests and industries.

Our experience with Silicon Valley startups gives Brooklyn Labs the aggressive culture of “Just Ship It”. Brooklyn Labs has tremendous visibility into emerging technologies and how they can be applied to business. We know which new technologies are a flash-in-the-pan and which ones are here to stay.

Our Quality


Creative Design

Robust IT delivery capacity

Global Services provider

The BackBone

Daniel Kaufman oversees the development of Brooklyn Labs wide array of smartphone applications and is responsible for development and testing. Brooklyn Labs provide Apple iOS and Android mobile app development services worldwide.

Our Partners

We have partnered with TechJini, one of the few Certified Google Developer Agencies worldwide, that is based out of Princeton, NJ and Bangalore, India and provides:

  1. 360° of design, development and deployment of mobile applications
  2. Responsive & Adaptive Web Applications
  3. UX & UI Design
  4. Digital Media Services
  5. Backend & Cloud


We have partnered with Eoan Technologies, a Digital Marketing company in India that provides following services:

  1. Website Design Services
  2. WordPress Development Services
  3. Php Development
  4. Dedicated Resources & Brand Recognition Services

Trusted by Thousands of Happy Clients!

Daniel Kaufman is highly intelligent; and also is very hard-working. He has tackled every project assigned to him with enthusiasm and competence. He invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. He consistently produces superior quality work, on time, and within budget targets.
Alexander Sokhanych

Owner and CEO at ThinkMobiles

Daniel Kaufman accomplishes his assigned tasks with great attention to detail and he is always observant of the correct processes and procedures required to ensure completion of a task in the proper manner. He follows up as necessary and works to complete items on schedule. I’ve enjoyed working with Daniel and would not hesitate to work with him in the future. He is a results-driven, detail-oriented communications professional whose creative talents and leadership were a true asset to the team.

Doffie Benjamin

Chief Sales Officer at Synapse Synergy Group

Daniel Kaufman is a very detail oriented, meticulous, result oriented and dedicated cutting-edge technology guru. He feels passionately about his work and is extremely particular about providing the best quality service to his clients. He is very hardworking and always willing to go the extra mile. I would gladly recommend him as a valuable resource to any team. He is the only person for whom I went all the way to get him back on board! Exceptional skills in development, great reasoning skills and master mind in hardcore research activities. He is a gem who is already been awarded as the Guru in UI/UX-Both front-end & back-end Technology, which was a self initiated research and development taken up within the organization. I can honestly say he is a hardworking, dedicated and highly ethical individual. He is a solid team player with exceptional people and organizational skills. His professionalism is unmatched and he is a true resource to any organization. Please work with Daniel, he is amazing consultant and his web application development codes – wow, awe-some 🙂

Steve J Roper

Resource Manager, at Poise Inc

Daniel Kaufman is an interesting person to get to know. As an excellent listener, he takes input and feedback well, which makes him an exceptional web and application developer who can work in the abstract, particularly with Creatives. With remarkable focus and detail, he also excels at building websites and mobile applications. Attentive to his clients, he takes the time to explain, educate and answer client questions and concerns. If you’re looking for someone to facilitate your website and/or mobile application initiatives, Daniel is someone who should be on your list.

Alejandro Franceschi

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