WHO are we?
We are a passionate experienced team with big ambitions.

Brooklyn Labs is a global think tank headquartered in Brooklyn offering mobile app development services for Apple iOS and Android as well as any other type of mobile platform. We are a new breed of entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming ideas into sustainable business models.

At Brooklyn Labs, we work with the best in the industry from Silicon Valley VC-backed startups to Fortune 100 companies. We actively define the industry through our work, specialized events, and social media channels. Like an analyst, we stay on top of all the latest technology trends and buzz from Augmented Reality to Near-Field Communications (NFC) and beyond.

Our services

Native apps. Hybrid apps. Web apps. Database-driven apps. Cross-platform apps. Create APIs. Use external APIs. HTML5. JavaScript. CSS. jQuery. ActionScripts. Cloud Services. Backend integration. Mockups. Wireframes. Taskflows. Personas. Profiles. Scenarios. AI. You name it. We’ve done it.

SmartPhones And Tablets

In today’s world where business of Smartphones and Tablets is soaring high, you need a trustworthy and dedicated partner to create handcrafted apps.

Responsive And Adaptive

Users today want websites to be robust and fluid when they view it on their various devices. Same site adapted to different form factors.

Backend And Cloud

Great apps need seamless data. And if you have big data which needs maintenance or which needs to be organized then you need Brooklyn Labs.

UX And UI Design

If you need intuitive mobile and web-based user interfaces for apps or interactive experiences, you need a team of UX and UI professionals.

Digital Media Services

We craft spectacular visual experiences in any space and on any screen. Our broad range of skill-set provide a multitude of creative solutions.

Our Work
Brooklyn Labs is your partner in bringing alive your brand on mobile and web with handcrafted solutions that are innovative, user-centred and delightful to use.  
We help your business look great
Instead of crafting solutions based on assumptions, we tailor-made our offerings to be user centered, meet business goals and generate ROI. Our solutions are based on sound strategy, distinctive design and appropriate technology.
Onstar Remotelink
TGI Friday
Omaha Steaks
Dominos Pizza
Macy’s iPhone App
Eddie Bauer
The team of winners
We work hard. We play hard. We get results.
Amit Rana


Amit Rana is the co-founder of TechJini. Amit is a “big-picture” person always ensuring TechJini retains its technical excellence. He is responsible for setting up processes and audits to ensure 100% success rate for all projects.

Puneet Trehan

Digital Marketing (Head)

The “king of Marketing” – who can bring clients from any part of the world. He is a Fun loving person and having craze for racing both cars and bikes. There is no limit for his craze, believe me.

Robby Gupta

Head – US Operations

Robby leads the US operations out of Princeton. Forged in the trenches at bulge-bracket New York investment banks, he has had varied experiences working with packaged & custom software development for an assortment of industries.

Daniel Kaufman oversees the development of Brooklyn Labs wide array of smartphone applications and is responsible for development and testing.  
Our clients

We have a unique story with each client. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam.

Alexander Sokhanych
Owner and CEO at ThinkMobiles
Daniel Kaufman is highly intelligent; and also is very hard-working. He has tackled every project assigned to him with enthusiasm and competence. He invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. He consistently produces superior quality work, on time, and within budget targets.
Doffie Benjamin
Chief Sales Officer at Synapse Synergy Group

Daniel Kaufman accomplishes his assigned tasks with great attention to detail and he is always observant of the correct processes and procedures required to ensure completion of a task in the proper manner. He follows up as necessary and works to complete items on schedule. I’ve enjoyed working with Daniel and would not hesitate to work with him in the future. He is a results-driven, detail-oriented communications professional whose creative talents and leadership were a true asset to the team.

Alejandro Franceschi

Daniel Kaufman is an interesting person to get to know. As an excellent listener, he takes input and feedback well, which makes him an exceptional web and application developer who can work in the abstract, particularly with Creatives. With remarkable focus and detail, he also excels at building websites and mobile applications. Attentive to his clients, he takes the time to explain, educate and answer client questions and concerns. If you’re looking for someone to facilitate your website and/or mobile application initiatives, Daniel is someone who should be on your list.

Our Partners

We have partnered with TechJini, one of the few Certified Google Developer Agencies worldwide, that is based out of Princeton, NJ and Bangalore, India and provides:

  • 360° of design, development and deployment of mobile applications
  • Responsive & Adaptive Web Applications
  • UX & UI Design
  • Digital Media Services
  • Backend & Cloud


We have partnered with Eoan Technologies, a Digital Marketing company in India that provides following services:

  • Website Design Services
  • WordPress Development Services
  • Php Development
  • Dedicated Resources & Brand Recognition Services


Let’s make something together

We have a unique story with each client. Please share your beginning & we will make it a happy ending.

Our experience with Silicon Valley VC-backed startups and Fortune 100 companies gives Brooklyn Labs the aggressive culture of “Just Ship It”. Brooklyn Labs has tremendous visibility into emerging technologies and how they can be applied to business. We know which new technologies are a flash-in-the-pan and which ones are here to stay.

Brooklyn Address
Brooklyn Navy Yard,Building 3, Floor 6,
63 Flushing Avenue,Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: (917) 935-0762
Email: team@brooklynlabs.co

100 Overlook Ctr FL 2
Princeton NJ 08540-7814
Phone: (609) 785-1151
Email: sales@techjini.com